The postpartum time is one of transition. Bringing your baby home is so special, but it can also come with lots of questions, especially for first-time parents. Many families find that having the support of a doula enables them not only to enjoy this time of transition, but to thrive, as they navigate their new family life.

Blessed Birth’s postpartum doula services can be tailored to your family’s needs. To create a custom arrangement, contact Blessed Birth.

Postpartum services include the following:

{Emotional Support}

  • I will help you to learn about and recognize what is normal and healthy for newborns and mothers during this time
  • I will listen with compassion and offer advice if requested

{Newborn Care}

  • I will show you how to bathe, swaddle, and calm your newborn
  • Assistance with breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • Caring for your newborn so you are able to care for yourself with uninterrupted time to shower, nap, or rest

{Practical Support}

  • Preparation of nutritious meals and light household cleaning
  • Care for older children while you are taking care of your newborn
  • Running errands so you have more snuggle time at home with your family



~Contact Blessed Birth to schedule postpartum support~